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Professional Services

Mission Statement: Body Tech™ Professional Mobile Massage Spa Services is dedicated to providing our clients with massage spa services that promote good physical, mental health and wellness. We cater to our clients’ mind, body, and spirit by providing services and treatments that relax, revitalize and energize a person’s daily life.

Professional Ethical Services: Body Tech™ Professional Mobile Massage Spa Services employs only state licensed massage therapists and has strict policies and procedure guidelines for appropriate conduct. Any inappropriate behavior including the suggestion or solicitation of sexual services will not be tolerated. Our licensed professionals are required to terminate the session immediately if a client’s behavior becomes rude or if inappropriate sexual advances are indicated. In such cases, the client will be charged and our licensed professional will receive full compensation for the session. Appropriate authorities may even be notified!

Inappropriate behavior of our licensed professionals will not be tolerated as well. Any accusation by a client regarding the inappropriate behavior of one of our therapists will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate action will be taken.

Client Health Screening: Prior to scheduling any Reservations, Body Tech™'s Reservations Specialists are required to pre-screen all clients for health and seek to identify any possible current health contraindications. Upon arrival, each client is also required to complete an intake health history waiver form prior to initiating of any services. Our licensed professionals will review and discuss any health issue
s and medications thatGirl with book are apparent. If at any time before or during the service our professionals become aware of any contraindications to receiving treatment, our professional will determine whether appropriate limitations of services can be established. If not, the session will be terminated and fair and appropriate fees will be determined.

Services Provided: Body Tech™’s licensed professionals provide our massage spa services in the comfort and privacy of our clients hotel room or home. We provide all the massage spa supplies such as the massage table(s), linens, lotions and oils, spa products, relaxing music, and aromatherapy oils and candles. Before we begin, we require each client to complete our confidential health history and waiver form. Once our therapists have reviewed each client’s information, they will step out of the room to properly wash their arms and hands. At that time, the client should dress down to his/her comfort level and cover up on the table with the provided top sheet and cover. Clients will remain properly draped at all times during the massage spa session. Upon completion of each therapeutic session, the therapist will again leave the room while the client gets dressed. If there is any discomfort during the massage spa session, please communicate with your therapist immediately.   

Hygiene: All of our professionals have been through extensive training of practicing good hygiene and are required to follow our proper hygiene and sanitation policies. These policies must be followed throughout each and every reservation which includes proper washing of hands and arms, sanitizing their equipment and supplies, and supply clean fresh linens. Upon hiring our professionals, their personal hygiene is also assessed.