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Reservations Scheduling Policy

Reservation Requirements: All reservations need to be arranged and confirmed through Body Tech’s Reservations Department via phone. A request for a reservation via email will also need to be finalized and confirmed by phone. To schedule a reservation we are required to pre-screen all potential clients, obtain basic driver's license information, and credit card payment information. Drivers license information (your identification) from one person per location must be verified by one of our professionals as they contact us to check-in upon their arrival (required policy for their safety).

Reservations Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. Early morning and later evening reservations need to be scheduled in advance. Reservations that are scheduled before 9am or after 10pm will be assessed a $20.00 additional fee.  

Payment Due: To confirm a scheduled reservation, a credit card will be required to HOLD each scheduled appointment. Payment for our services will be due following each appointment. If time permits for the service provider, services can be upgraded if needed (additional time & style of massage). Gratuities are accepted, and if applied to the credit card, our service providers will receive 100% of their collected gratuities. Sorry we do not accept cash payments however, our professionals may accept cash gratuities.
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Hotel Rooms: If two professionals are needed at the same time and the reservation is located in a hotel room, depending on the hotel a suite is normally need to accommodate two professionals/massage tables. Our Reservations Specialist can assist you on the room size needed for your reservation.

ETHICAL SERVICES ONLY: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not agree to follow our policies & procedures or pass our pre-screening process.  


Hotel & Residential Reservations

Reservations for massage therapy services can normally be scheduled within 24 hours. Same day appointments can be scheduled upon the availability of our professionals.

Our "Additional Services" and "Specialty Massage SPA Services" require some advance notice. 

Later evening and early morning reservations need to be scheduled in advance. 

To guaranty availability of our professionals, we advise all reservations to be scheduled with some advance notification.


Reservations for Health & Wellness Clients 

To qualify to receive our Health & Wellness Discounted Rates, appointments will need to be scheduled on a regular basis. For our Health & Wellness clients, we ask for at least a 72 hour notice for scheduling each reservation.   

Massage Spa Party Reservations 
A two week advance reservation is advisable to schedule a team of Massage Spa Professionals for a medium to larger massage spa party.  Smaller massage spa parties with one to two professionals can be scheduled within 72 hours.  We of course will consider shorter time frames depending upon staff availability.

Massage Spa Party Reservations 

A two week advance reservation is advisable to schedule a team of Massage Spa Professionals for a medium to larger massage spa party. Smaller massage spa parties with one or two professionals can normally be scheduled within a 72 hours notice depending on the availability of our professionals.

Corporate & Events "On-Site Chair Massage" Reservations

A 72 hour advance notification is advisable to schedule a small to medium corporate event. Larger events that require a team of massage professionals need at least one to two weeks advance notification. We will consider shorter time frames depending upon staff availability.    

LMT Staffing Reservations

It is advisable to schedule at least one to two weeks in advance through our LMT Staffing Service. We do not guaranty availability on short notice however, we will do our best to fulfill the staffing request. Depending on the territory, we do not guaranty LMT Staffing availability.

Reservations Procedures
Advance to schedule a reservation is advisable to assure availability. We normally are able to schedule same day reservations however depending on our daily bookings we can not guaranty that availability. To schedule a reservation, a Body Tech™ Reservations Specialist will need to collect the following information…
•    Appointment date
•    Appointment times
•    Each client(s) first and last name (unless the reservations is for a Corporate Event, LMT Staffing Service or a Massage Spa Party)
•    A contact phone number per each paying client (mobile number needed from travelers)
•    Location
      o    If located in a hotel; name of hotel, room number, address and phone number
      o    If residential location; address and directions
      o    If located at a business location, we need the name of the company and location/address
•    Type of services (estimated service rate will be provided) (clients will have the option to extend or upgraded services during the appointment) (gratuity is much appreciated however, it is not included in the services rate)
•     Basic health information of each client such as any known health conditions and/or any type of medication usage (unless the reservation is for a Corporate Event, LMT Staffing Service or a Massage Spa Party) (If there are any known contraindications to receiving a massage spa service, Body Tech™ can not schedule the reservation) (This is for your protection)
•    Agreement of Body Tech’s Professional Ethical Policies
•    Credit card information (or billing arrangement if scheduling a Corporate Event or LMT Staffing service) (clients credit card will be charged after the reservation is completed)
•    Sorry we do not accept cash (our professionals do however accept cash gratuities) (gratuities may also be charged to the client’s credit card)
•    Driver’s license information (name on license and state) is required by one client per appointment location and will be verified upon arrival by a Body Tech™ licensed professional (this is obtained for our professional’s safety) (drivers license verification is not required for Corporate Events, Massage Spa Parties or an LMT Staffing Service)  For menu of services and pricing information please see Hotel Services, Residential Services, Corporate & Events Services or LMT Staffing Services.

Our Reservations Specialist are standing by however, if you should be transferred to our voicemail please provide the following information and our Reservations Specialist will contact you as soon as possible.  •    First and last name
•    Contact phone/mobile number
•    Location (city, state, area, home or hotel and room number)
•    Date and times to schedule your desired reservation
•    Type of service(s) your looking to schedule
•    Later in the evening; please provide a cut off time for a call back
Please speak clearly to assure we have your correct information so we can respond to your call.

                    Voicemail Response Time

Normally we are very quick at responding. Sometimes depending on the day it can take up to an hour or more for a response if we are very busy. We welcome later evening calls however, we can not always respond until the following day. If you leave a voicemail in the later evening/night and would like a call back, please provide a cut off time for a call back. Depending on our schedule, we may or may not be able to call back that same night.