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Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage is great for athletes. This treatment will help prepare your body for a sporting event or workout and/or help cool down and relax tired fatigued muscle tissues following a workout. Comfortable clothing such as workout shorts and sports bras are recommended for this service. This massage is upbeat and not for relaxation.

Minimal massage lotions are used. Pain-relieving gel or warming ointment may be used in conjunction with specific area work and body stretching.

All massage professionals have their own style of techniques they apply to various massage modalities which, vary per professional and may include the following:

⦁ Effleurage: Gliding strokes with the palms, thumbs and/or fingertips
⦁ Petrissage: Kneading movements with the hands, thumbs and/or fingers
⦁ Friction: Circular pressures with the palms of hands, thumbs and/or fingers
⦁ Vibration: Oscillatory movements that shake or vibrate the body
⦁ Percussion: Brisk hacking or tapping
⦁ Passive and active movements: Bending and stretching

If at any time you start to feel any discomfort or pain, please inform your therapist so another approach can be taken.

Benefits of a Sports Massage: A sports massage helps either stimulate for pre-event or helps relax for post event. Sports massage is beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing toxins in the muscle tissues, improving circulation, and increases flexibility while easing tension and metal stress. A sports massage promotes an overall sense of relaxation throughout the body and may also help invigorate the body and promote a sense of overall well-being.

Sports Massage Performance: A sports massage is recommended to be scheduled pre or post event.
An average sports massage can vary from 20 to 60 minutes. The session is usually performed on a comfortable massage table during an event.

Recommendations Following a Massage: A sports massage can have a detoxifying effect on one’s body. It is recommended to drink plenty of water after a sports massage to hydrate and flush metabolic waste from the muscle tissues.

Recommendations Following a Massage:

Massage has a detoxifying effect on one's body. It is recommended to drink plenty of water after receiving a massage to flush metabolic waste from the muscle tissues. It is also recommended to avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol for the next 24 hours after receiving a massage.


Prior to the start of any massage treatment, massage professionals will have each client complete a client health history intake form. The main purpose of a client intake form is to inform the massage professional of current and past health issues and injuries (within the year) so, special care can be taken to treat current issues and prevent additional injury.